Leaving Ethiopia


Boxing day meant it was time to leave Ethiopia. We enjoyed our time immensely. The people were some of the friendliest we’ve met and the culture is fascinating. The idea of coming back and hiking from one remote village to another (with lots of iodine tablets for the water) is very alluring.

We got an early flight from Lalibela to Addis, then spent most of the day seeing sights there. Unfortunately, our prearranged driver had slightly different plans for our day than we did. We started by visiting the enormous market in town and getting stuck in traffic. We didn’t move more than a few inches for over 15 minutes! A car broke down in the intersection and with other cars on all sides, there was no “out of the way” to push it to.

Next we went to the National Museum. On the whole, this is not an amazing place to visit, but it is home to the Lucy skeleton and we had to see that. There were a few other interesting exhibits about early humans, but we were done in under an hour. Then, there was just enough time for one more injera for lunch before heading to Nairobi.

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