Corrals Trailhead

Parking can be a challenge at this spot, but there are some nice trails that make it worthwhile. If there is no space in the pull out, continue around the corner and down the hill about a quarter mile. There is a dirt lot there with more space.

  • 2.70 Miles – Head out Corrals until you get to the Hard Guy turn-off, then back.
  • 8.05 Miles – Take Corrals to 8th St and back or make it shorter by turning around before 8th St.
  • 8.18 Miles – New loop. This goes out Corrals to Bob’s, then comes back on the new Highlands trail. Part of it is on Bogus Basin Road.
  • 12.53 Miles – This is a tough climb, but really fun to come back down. Take Corrals to Hard Guy, then continue up to the Ridge Road. Beautiful views of the city. Can be shortened by turning around early or extended by continuing along the Ridge Road toward 8th St or beyond.

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