Random Runs


  • 7 Miles – Americana Blvd Bridge to Orange Bridge (The greenbelt will end on the Americana Bridge)
  • 12 Miles – Capital Blvd to Barber Park
  • 14 Miles – Americana Blvd to Barber Park

Brewery Run

  • 9.58 Miles – This is a fun route we run a couple of times each year. In just under 10 miles, we hit at least 5 breweries (there are new ones opening we might have to add). No leg is longer than 3 miles which makes it a good intro to long runs… and drinking…

Dry Creek Trail Head

There is essentially only one trail here, but it’s a nice one. This out and back can be whatever distance you would like and follow Dry Creek. If you want to go far, there is the possibility of linking with the Ridge Road and other trails or just enjoy a jog along the creek.

  • ?.?? Miles – This is an out and back so it can be any distance you would like. The map gets you started, but you can go beyond that if you would like.

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