Jude’s (Seattle)

The newly renamed* South East Seattle Yoggers (we’re SESY and we know it!) meet at Jude’s for a fun 3-4 mile run every Monday at 6:00pm. Although many SESY runners hit 9-11 min/mile pace on these runs, all paces are welcome and we regroup at every major junction to ensure no one gets dropped. During non-Covid times, Jude’s was open on Monday night so we could grab a drink after the run. Hopefully that will come back soon, but in the mean time, we usually run one of these routes

  • Default Route (3.55 miles) – This is the route we run if no one has a route suggestion. With over 500′ of elevation, this VERY hilly run encourages everyone to come to the runs with a route in mind.
  • Othello Loop (3.88 miles) – This popular route is the opposite of the Default Route. Although it’s not completely flat, it’s about as flat as you can get in Seattle. Plus the only hill takes you to the top of a large slide which makes it worth the climb.
  • The Tour (4.21 miles) – A tour around the major parks of Dunlap and Rainier Beach including Be’er Sheva, Pritchard, Rainier Beach Playfields, and Kubota Garden. The loop through Kubota can be cut if runners want a slightly shorter route or want to avoid trails.
  • Wet Winter Route (3.7 miles) – When it’s really wet and nasty out we stay on Seward Park Avenue for an out and back. There are several slight modifications to this route that we sometimes take. It’s not the most interesting route, but it’s dependable.
  • Dead Horse Canyon (3.2 miles) – On hot (for Seattle) summer days, this is the perfect route. It starts along the lake for a cooler breeze, then ducks into Dead Horse Canyon for shade along the small creek. We finish climbing up through the neighborhood which can get hot, but we end close enough to the lake that it’s worth jumping in to finish the run.
  • Chief Sealth Trail (3.71 miles) – Another hilly route that we seem to take less often. Perhaps it will regain popularity soon.
  • Other routes include the Gnome Trail, Bangor, or Random Run. These are done even less frequently, but if that changes, their maps will be added.

* Ok, the group hasn’t yet been renamed SESY… but maybe we should be?

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