Military Reserve Park

A great set of trails starts here including one of the only (mostly) flat trail runs close to town (Tollroad Trail) and some of the gnarliest hill runs (3 Bears and Femrite).

  • 2.21 Miles – Tollroad Trail follows the creek with many spurs if you want to add distance or hills.
  • 3.18 Miles – Head up Mt Cove Road to the next parking lot, then jump up to Central Ridge. On the way back, you can take the dirt road or the thin single track path that parallels it.
  • 5.43 Miles – Central Ridge to Bucktail gives moderate climbing sections with nice views of the city and a gentle, winding decent.
  • 7.81 Miles – This is the same basic route as above with Shane’s Loop added on for more distance and hills. You could also take the cut-off to Rocky Canyon road and come back through the neighborhoods if you want more road running.
  • 12.25 Miles – Long and hilly, but can be extended for more hills… 🙂 Like the route above, but you continue up 3 Bears then come down Femrite and Freestone. For a truly brutal run, at the top of 3 Bears, continue up Femrite to the Ridge Road. This is the hardest section of trail I’ve run in the Boise Foothills. Enjoy.

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