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After going vegan, there are obvious things you miss like good cheese (they are getting better, but still have room to improve) and there are less obvious foods like croissants. Maybe it’s obvious to everyone else, but having never made … Continue reading

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Sour Dough

I’ve been baking for a while and keeping my sour dough starter going for about two years. During the first 23.5 months, one person asked for some. Since beginning “Stay Home, Stay Safe,” aka COVID lockdown, four nine (as of … Continue reading

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Making Vegan Challah (First Try)

I’ve been baking breads for several years now, but still remember the confusion of getting started. So many recipes said things like “Add water 1 TBSP at a time until reaching the right consistency” or “Let rise until the dough … Continue reading

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BLE BirdLight

Avery has never been a great sleeper. In fact, by the time she turned two and a half, the number of nights she slept all the way through could still be counted on one hand. We’ve tried multiple approaches including … Continue reading

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Can’t you check the wiring?!?

A group of four students in the Nelsen Middle School Robotics Club stared from their robot to the diagram on the screen and back again. “Wait, does the yellow wire go there?” “No, I think it goes in the next … Continue reading

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Earlier this year, after listening to several podcasts proclaiming that Sapiens was the best book of 2016, I decided I should give it a glance. The online reviews made it sound interesting but I still wasn’t convinced that I’d make … Continue reading

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Car-less year completed

Life’s been a bit busy recently with leaving a job, traveling to Alaska for a friend’s wedding, moving from Boise to Seattle, buying a house, looking for a job, all while watching Avery and, of course, not driving. Well, things … Continue reading

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Quad Bike

About the same time I gave up driving for a year, the school where I work was offered the pieces of an old quad bike. This beauty was designed with four wheels and four seats. The front two riders had … Continue reading

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Opera Exchange

Biking everywhere gives you many opportunities to meet the people around you while commuting. Friday was a perfect example. Our yard backs up to Hill Road (a busy residential street in North Boise), which gives us opportunities to hear many … Continue reading

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One Event

The rib is starting to heal and the ice is finally melting. Many of my friends who enjoy biking but did not make a deal to only bike during one of the worst winters on record, are starting to get … Continue reading

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