Bear Island Brewing Company

Boise Brew Minute (episode 11) – Beth talks about getting Bear Island Brewing Company up and running from her garage. We try Fuse, her jalapeño pale ale, and find it isn’t overly spicy like many pepper beers. We also find out when we can expect to see Bear Island brews showing up around town.

  • Have you seen Bear Island beer around town yet? Where?
  • What do you think of pepper beers?
  • Seeing how to go from drinking beer to home brewer to commercial brewing, does it make you want to give it a try?
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2 Responses to Bear Island Brewing Company

  1. Beth says:

    Thanks Woody! Now our Beer is out in town at Homebrewstuff, Bittercreek, Prefunk, Grind, and Bier thirty with more places coming up soon! Cheers, Beth, Bear Island Brewing Co.

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