Africa trip

We’re headed to Africa in a week and several people have asked how they can follow along. While there, we’ll have only limited access to the internet, but I will try keep this updated as often as possible.

It’s almost time to pack up and leave. The itinerary is mostly set and we’re getting excited. We won’t stay in any place for long, but plan to see a lot of both Ethiopia and Kenya. The current plan is:

Dec 15 – Leave Boise
Dec 17 – Arrive Addis Ababa and do some sightseeing
Dec 18 – Bahir Dar to see Blue Nile Falls
Dec 19 – Bahir Dar to tour the Lake Tana monastery
Dec 20 – Gondar, visit Fasiledas castle
Dec 21 – Gondar, trek in the Simien mountains
Dec 22 – Axum, see King Kaleb’s palace and Queen of Sheba’s palace
Dec 23 – Axum, Temple of Yeha
Dec 24 – Lalibela, visit 3 groups of churches
Dec 25 – Lalibela, tour the city and market
Dec 26 – Addis Ababa to Nairobi, visit Addis the head to Nairobi
Dec 27 – Nairobi, sightseeing in town
Dec 28 – Mombassa, Fort Jesus and Jane Temple
Dec 29 through 31 – Malindi, Shiva cave, see ruins and dive
Jan 1 – Nairobi, ?
Jan 2 through 4 – Samburu, Game drive
Jan 4 through 6 – Lake Nakuru, Game drive
Jan 7 – High Altitude Training Camp, run… and other stuff, I guess
Jan 8 through 10 – Addis Ababa, maybe visit a new Science Center being built just outside of town then head home
Jan 10 – Arrive Boise

That’s pretty much it. Should be a fun trip.

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