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What If? 2

Title: What If? 2: Additional Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions Author: Randall Munroe Completed: Nov 2022 (Full list of books) Overview: If you like XKCD you’re going to enjoy this book, but if you like XKCD, you probably … Continue reading

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Foot Strike (New Research)

About two months ago, I talked about research related to foot strike and running injuries. That research mostly focused on what part of your foot hit the ground first. Now there’s new research out that examines how hard your feet … Continue reading

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Woodland Empire

Boise Brew Minute (episode 68) – Rob at Woodland Empire explains why and how they cultivate their own yeast. He walks us through the yeast life cycle and discusses their in-house blend of lactic acid producing bacteria used for Woodland’s … Continue reading

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Brian Baker Brews

Boise Brew Minute (episode 26) – For runners, triathletes and other physically active people, finding a great beer that can hydrate and fuel you is difficult. Brian Baker discusses his attempt at making just such a beer and the science … Continue reading

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Foil Boats and Coracle Racing

This week we were discussing activities and demonstrations we could offer as part of a collaboration between the Discovery Center of Idaho and Boise Parks and Rec. We wanted activities related to water since the Parks and Rec site will … Continue reading

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Straw horns

Growing up, we were often doing science experiments around the house, in the yard and in (our favorite place) restaurants. We would often hear about potential experiments from others and knew we had to try them. Once we even got … Continue reading

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Planes at Whole Foods

On Wednesday, the local Whole Foods donated 5% of their sales to the Discovery Center of Idaho. Most of the staff of the Discovery Center spent some time at Whole Foods that day talking to customers, doing science demonstrations and … Continue reading

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Twist and Shout session references

As I mentioned previously, Jen Lokey, Isabel Leeder and I presented a session on the benefits of physical activity on learning. There is plenty of research available showing that all sorts of good biochemistry starts happening in the brain when … Continue reading

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