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Born to Run 2

Title: Born to Run 2: The Ultimate Training Guide Author: Christopher McDougall and Eric Orton Completed: April 2023 (Full list of books) Overview: This is the training guide I wish I had back in 2010 or whenever I really started … Continue reading

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Asphalt Strikes Again

A few years ago, I was starting to get back into running and looking for a group in town to run with. I’ve often found it easier to find the motivation to go on a run if there are other … Continue reading

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Foot Strike (New Research)

About two months ago, I talked about research related to foot strike and running injuries. That research mostly focused on what part of your foot hit the ground first. Now there’s new research out that examines how hard your feet … Continue reading

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Foot strike and running injuries

Several years ago, I started getting back into running. I have been running (somewhat competitively) since I was about 12, but after leaving my college cross-country team, I didn’t really run much for fun. When I began to increase my … Continue reading

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