Birthday Bash 2016

Well, it’s time to start training for this year’s Birthday Bash. This will be the fourth year we’ve done this wonderful celebration. Each year Matty and I celebrate our birthdays (which are four days apart) by running our average age in miles through the foothills. We’ve started ramping up our miles for this year and now we’ve picked the route. This year will be two loops, both starting and ending in Camelsback. The first loop is 23.55 miles and the second is 11.81.

We’re planning to finish in under 6.5 hours. Hopefully we’ll both be healthy and ready for it this year. Anyone interested in joining us for one or both loops?

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5 Responses to Birthday Bash 2016

  1. runrodrun says:

    I might need a ride from the airport. 🤔 And a place to crash. 🙃

    How ’bout I join everyone in spirit? 😃 When’s the big day?


  2. SNL on the Run says:

    That is such a cool birthday celebration! Hope you all have a great run, and a fun celebration!


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