Birthday Bash 2014 – Update 1

Last year, a friend and I decided it would be “fun” to celebrate our birthdays by running our age in miles through the foothills. We selected one large loop and almost no one joined us on the 33 mile run. This year, we decided it would be more fun (and perhaps less “fun”) if we convinced other people to run with us so we selected four shorter loops. We are encouraging people to run as much as they would like. The loop lengths and approximate start times are:

• Starting at 9:00 – 16.5 miles –

• Starting at Noon – 7.9 miles –

• Starting at 1:45 – 5.8 miles –

• Starting at 3:00 – 3.5 miles –

They each start and end at Camels Back. Additional details are coming, but I wanted to make sure this was on everyone’s radar in case you are thinking about joining us. If you can questions, post them in the comment section. Thanks and I look forward to running with everyone.

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