Birthday Run

To celebrate two May birthdays (32 and 33 years), we’re running a 32.5 mile race (with ~6,300′ of elevation gain). The Birthday Bash Dash is on May 18, 2013. Since the party at the end is the important part, we want to all finish near the same time. The plan is to start whenever you need, just aim to finish around 4:00pm. If people want to leave together, use the comments at the bottom to organize start times. Run it, bike it, walk it, do only part of it, whatever works.

This is mostly a self supported run. We hope to talk friends and family into meeting runners along the way to act as aid stations, but these will be sparse at best. We plan to leave a cooler with peanut butter sandwiches, water and sports drink at the intersection of 8th Street and the Boise Ridge Road (near the half way point). No other aid stations are currently planned. If this changes, we’ll post it here.


  • Start at Camel’s Back Park
  • Take Red Fox Trail (#36) to Foothills Learning Center
  • At 1.5 miles, take Kestrel Trail (#39A)
  • 2.5 miles gets you to Crestline Trail (#38)
  • At 3.5 miles, turn right on to Sidewinder (#24)
  • Just before 5 miles, briefly take 8th Street Motorcycle Trail to the right (#4)
  • Just after 5 miles, take the fork for Fat Tire Traverse (#42)
  • At 6.25 miles, merge on to Freestone Ridge (#5)
  • At 7.9 miles, go left on Three Bears Trails (#26)
  • At 8.75, take Shane’s Trail (#26A)
  • 10.6 miles brings us back to Three Bears Trails (#26), go right
  • At 12.5 miles, veer left on to Watchmen Trail (#3)
  • 13.3 miles brings you to Femrite’s Patrol (#6)
  • At 14.4 miles, continue on to 8th Street Motorcycle Trail (#4)
  • At 15.25 miles, go right on to Hull’s Ridge (#4A)
  • At 15.7 miles, turn left on to the Boise Ridge Road (NF-374)
  • At 19.3 miles, turn left on to Shingle Creek Trail/Hard Guy (#33)
  • At 24.2, go left on to Corrals Trail (#31)
  • After 28.3 miles, cross 8th Street and drop down 8th Street Motorcycle Trail (#4)
  • 28.9 miles is the top of Lower Hull’s Gulch Trail (#29)
  • Just after 31 miles, cross 8th Street and start down Red Fox Trail (#36)
  • At 31.2 miles, start up Chickadee Ridge Trail (#36A) … just for a little more fun before the end
  • At 31.8, merge back on to Red Fox Trail (#36)
  • Finish by returning to Camel’s Back Park for a total of 32.6 miles
Mapped route for the Birthday Bash

Mapped route for the Birthday Bash

The route is set with more details to follow. See you then.

Jump in/Bail out Points:

If you only want to part of the route, here are some places you can join the route or bail out if things go south.

  • Near the 8 mile mark, there is easy access to Military Reserve Park
  • Shaw Mountain Road has trail heads for Shane’s Trail and Three Bears Trail near the 10.5 and 12.5 mile marks
  • 8th Street connects with the Boise Ridge Road just after the 17 mile mark
  • The Corrals Trail head is on Bogus Basin Road. From there it is ~1 mile in to the route just after the 24 mile mark
  • The Lower Hull’s Gulch parking lot on 8th Street is at 28.5 miles, just 4 miles before the end
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3 Responses to Birthday Run

  1. Woody says:

    I plan to leave Camel’s Back around 9:30. Anyone interested in joining me?


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