Community Loaves Hub

I’ve been baking with Community Loaves for about 2.5 years and although I don’t bake as often as when I started, I’m still excited to bake bread for local food banks and community members in need. Recently I got the opportunity to take on a new role with the group. As of last weekend, I’m the Hub Host. This means twice each month bakers in my area bring their bread and cookies to my house and I get to drop them off at Rainier Valley Food Bank. It also means that once a month when our flour orders come in, they get dropped off at my place for bakers to come collect.

Today I dropped off 26 loaves of bread and 77 “energy cookies” which was close to the limit of what my bike trailer could carry. I’m excited to continue baking and delivering bread and look forward to the time I need to make multiple trips to the food bank to move all the bread.

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