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Drowned ChipmunkThis week I’m trying something new with the Boise Brew Minute. I had a great talk with Jake that lasted about 15 minutes, way too long for Radio Boise, so I opted to cut two versions. One is the regular four minute version for the radio and the other version is our full interview. Let me know what you think of this format. I won’t do it every week, but if there’s interest, I’ll continue to do extended interviews occasionally. Thanks.

Boise Brew Minute (episode 65) – Jake at Cloud 9 talks about amylase and how starch gets converted to sugar for brewing. This usually involves holding the mash at a specific temperature but can happen in other ways for drinks like chicha and sake. In the extended interview, we discuss the impact of temperature and mash thickness on the alpha and beta version of amylase. Finally, we hear about the new rye IPA he’s brewing with Idaho 7 hops, a hybrid developed in Idaho.

Radio version:

Extended Interview:

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