First batch of Root Beer

Recently I got a new refrigerator to use as a kegerator. Once the kegs of homebrew were in the house, we started to think about what else could be dispensed and decided to make root beer. I had some Bucksnort root beer and thought it would be good to imitate that if I could. So here is attempt 1:

  • 1.5 oz Sassafras root bark
  • 3 Tbsp (~0.6 oz) Licorice root
  • 1/2 tsp Wintergreen extract
  • 10 cups sugar

Put the sugar, sassafras and licorice into the brew kettle with 3 gallons water and boiled for 25 minutes. Drained into sterilized keg and top off with cold tap water. Then added wintergreen extract, cooled keg and force carbonated.

Impressions: Tasted the next day and it was ok. Definitely not Bucksnort, but drinkable. A little on the light side, it was more red than dark brown I would expect for root beer. Also, a little heavy on the wintergreen. A good first batch with room for improvement.

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