Go Loud For Local

For about the last decade, March has meant mustache time… and rarely a standard mustache. For example, this year I’m going with a question mark design:

Asymmetrical, but only slightly

Years ago, some friends had a tradition of growing mustaches for the month. I think they started it in college but I never heard the origin story. One year, as March approached, we were sitting around a meeting planning promotional events for a non-profit we volunteered with and, during a lull, their upcoming mustache designs came up. Somehow we decided to turn it into an event called “Go Loud For Local”. Since the non-profit focused on promoting the local economy, we decided to encourage people to do something loud with their look during the month in the hope that people would ask about it and they could start a conversation about the importance of keeping money local.

I’m not certain how much the event ever caught on, but over the last decade, the 501c3 has dissolved; I moved away; another person moved away, then back again; and few people haven’t heard why it’s better to buy local rather than from Amazon. Despite all of that, we continue to grow mustaches each March.

Over the years, I’ve had some interesting designs including several “W”s, a couple of handlebars, two monkeys’ tails, and even the pi symbol. I have no idea what it will look like next year, but there will definitely be another Month of Mustache.

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