First flat

I’ve been riding the bike almost everyday since I got it and it’s been great. I noticed the front tire was loosing air faster than the back tire, but didn’t think much of it… Until the morning I tried to ride into work and it was completely flat. Luckily, it was the last day before we all took time off for Christmas and the schedule was going to be fairly relaxed.

I had only ridden about a block before noticing the flat (with an inch of snow on the roads, I thought that was the reason it was feeling a little squirrelly). I texted the office to let them know I would be late and went home to fix it. First thing I did was pull out my floor pump and found that it was broken as well. Next, I found my small, portable pumps, but it turns out they only work with Schrader valves and the new bike uses Presta. It was clearly not going to be my day.

Now that One Stone has our own building, work is just under 2 miles away and not a bad walk. I set the bike aside with plans to get to it that night. Then family came to town and the snow started falling. By the time I walked to the bike shop a few days later, there was ~6″ of snow on the ground and more falling. It was a slippery walk, but I got the pump and got home without incident.

With the high temperature not getting above freezing recently, I opted to change the tire in my living room. The bike is now fully functional again and I’m back to riding. If only the snow would lighten up a bit so I don’t get pushed around too much, things would be great…


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