One month car free

It’s been one month since I stopped driving and so far the experience is going well. There have been interesting times, such as the wasp that stung me between the eyes on my ride home from work. Apparently I ran into it while it was flying and the wasp was as startled as I was. It stung for a little while but that’s been the worst so far.

I’ve selected the bike I want and it’s been ordered. Unfortunately, there was an issue with the production factory (so I’ve heard) and delivery has been delayed until the end of the month. As a result, I’ve been riding my old commuter around town. 14156397_1223437731062244_943652854_nI even got a trailer from a friend so I could make runs to the grocery store or move supplies around for work. Along with the new bike, a new trailer is coming too which should make moving a bunch of stuff much easier.

For the other side of the equation, Lizzy, the car I was trading for the bike, was picked up earlier this week. I’ll have a more detailed write-up on Lizzy soon.

The most challenging aspect so far has been my runs. I’m a member of the Boise Area Runners and I lead Sunday morning trail runs. These were pretty easy when I’d wake up, throw the dog in the back of the car and drive to the trail head. Now that I’m biking to the trail head, it’s been more challenging for both me and Jamie, the dog. The first one we went to was only about a mile and a half from home. I thought about just running and decided against it. I biked to the trail head with Jamie on a leash. We did our 6 mile run and then headed home. Jamie had enough energy to pull me almost entire way. Next week was 3 miles to the trail head, mostly uphill. By the end of that run he was tired enough that he was dragging on the way home but still having fun. Any runs we do further than that he’s been have to ride in the trailer. He’s not a big fan.

So, one month in the car is gone, the bike’s ordered and I’m still going strong.


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