Seattle on the way to the Bahamas


It’s time for our next adventure. This time, we’re going scuba diving in the Bahamas. It’s a week long trip on a 65′ sailboat. The plan is to get 3-4 dives each day. We’re definitely looking forward to it.

Rather than flying from Boise, we found it was easier to leave from Seattle so we came over for the holidays, stuck around for New Years and found things to keep us busy before our flights. One day trip was down to Portland and Olympia to see friends and meet a new baby. We lucked out on the weather and had sunny skies for most of our visit.

Sitting at gate A3, it’s now time to leave Seattle. In less than 18 hours, we should be in the water. I’ll post photos and updates as often as I get a connection.


Do you have any adventures planned for 2015? Where are you going? Is there anything in the Bahamas we shouldn’t miss?

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