2011 Resolution: Part 3 of 12 – Les Bois 10k

I’m falling a little behind on these, but the running is still going well. In March, we ran the Les Bois 10k race from Fort Boise up into the foothills and back. It was the largest race so far with over 200 people running. As the weather gets warmer, more runners are participating, but I guess that is to be expected. It was still a little cold that morning and started to rain half way though, but all the runners seemed to be having a good time. On the way out, we kept climbing hills which didn’t feel as good as I had hoped. It had been too wet to run on the trails recently and road running just doesn’t prepare you for hills. For the 3 miles of hill climbing in this race, that wasn’t too big of a problem, but it signaled that we should train on more hill before Robie next month.

The race went well and I kept a good pace throughout. On the downhill section a few high school kids passed me as they tore down the trail with no fear of knee or ankle problems. I remember those days. At the finish, they had the usual array of fruit and breakfast baked goods. I half jokingly asked what was vegan and to my delight, they had vegan muffins (also gluten free muffins, but I was less interested in those). I tried one and went back to tell Dom about them to try to help her finish strong, but she thought I was lying to get her to run faster. As it turned out, the muffins were so good, I didn’t see the beer sitting on the ground under the muffin table. Oh well, I guess not every race this year is going to end with a cheap beer at the finish line.

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