Ice Skating

The move from Florida to Ohio when I was nine brought a lot of changes. New school, new house, new friends and certainly new weather. I had rarely seen snow and never been on a frozen lake. That first winter, the pond down the street from our house froze and the whole family got ice skates. We learned the basics on that pond but also went to some of the hiking trails we walked the previous summer. The lakes near them were frozen as well and we would do similar loop trails on the ice. It was a very fun experience, but I rarely think back to it these days. It came up today as I walked into a co-workers office and noticed people in the distance gliding around. It’s been below freezing in Boise for a few weeks now and although the ponds don’t look it, some have frozen enough to skate on. There were two guys with skates and hockey stick slapping a puck around just outside my office window. It looked like fun. This weekend I might just have to look for a new pair of skates.

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